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Aarika and Chip in the Cleaning off Pool

Andrew Hill (3)

Andrew Hill (4)


Angela and Chip (1)

Angela and Chip (2)

Angela Making Jello

Anna and Jes (1)

Anna and Jes (2)

Anna and Jes (3)

Brian Schmidt

Cat Walked in Paint

Cathy Thompson


Chip and Ang

Chip and Ang Cleaning Off

Chip and Cathy Thompson

Chip and Decorations

Chip and Heather

Chip and Heather (2)

Chip and Jen

Chip and Jen (2)

Chip and Jes

Chip Cleaning Off jello

Chip in Luau garb (1)

Chip in Luau garb (2)

Chip Soaked in Jello

Chip, Jen, Jim

Chip, Marie, People



Eric Martin

Eric Martin (2)

Erin Henry

Heather in Jello (barely)

IMG 0423

IMG 0425

Jason and Trinity (1)

Jason and Trinity (2)

Jeff Luff

Jeff Luff (2)

Jeff, Chip, Jen


Jen and Jes

Jen and Jim jello wrestling

Jen Campbell

Jen Selhorst killing someone

Jes Chip Ana before the party

Jes and Chip in Cleanup Pool

Jes and Jim

Jes trying to get Jen's Top off

Jes, Chip, Anna

Jess and Jen

Jess in Jello Luau

Jess Tried to get jen's Top off success

Jess wrestling Chip


Karen and Heather


Killian (3)


Monkey (1)

Monkey (2)

Naomi and Chip

Ready for a Party

Regina Whitfield

Rome and Angela

Steve and Amanda (3)

Tim Magill

Unfreezing the Jello

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