albums : chip : 2009 : 20090925 Weekend in Michigan 001


Baby Parrot 1

Baby Parrot 2

Baby Parrots

Ben playing the piano

Ben s piano

Ben under the piano

Big Michigan Sign


Chip and Steph in Michigan garb

Crowd shot

Elliot playing catch


Fire 2

Fire 3

George and Elliot

Greg Steph and Joey

Greg and Joey

Greg at the Michigan game

Here comes the Cheerleaders

Here comes the Marching Band

Here comes the Marching Band 2

Katelyn and Nancy

Katelyn with her birthday socks

Kids blowing out birthday candles

Kids on the slide

Kids on the slide 2

Kids on the slide 3

Marching Band

Maureen and Chip

Michigan Game Ticket

Michigan Game Ticket 2

MVI 0867

MVI 0897

MVI 0904

MVI 0920

Nancy in front of the fire

Nancy playing piano

Stadium Crowd Shot

Stadium Crowd Shot 2

Stadium Crowd Shot 3

Stadium Crowd Shot 4

Stadium Crowd Shot 5

Stadium Crowd Shot 6

Stadium Crowd Shot 7

Stadium Crowd Shot 8

Stadium Crowd Shot 9

Stadium Crowd Shot 10

Stadium Crowd Shot 11

Stadium Crowd Shot 12

Steph Joey and Greg s feet

Steph and Greg out for Steph s birthday

Steph and Greg unpacking

Steph Blowing out her Birthday Cake

Steph eating on the floor

Steph in front of the fire

Steph in front of the fire 2

Steph in front of the fire 3

Steph in front of the fire 4

Steph sporting her Michigan Jersey

Steph with her Michigan Hulk Beer Cozy

Todd and Steph

Todd and Steph 2

Todd Steph Katelyn

Tuba section


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