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Sally s Camera

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Trina s Camera

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Andrew 2

Andrew Chip Scott .. Jessie Trina Greg

Andrew Jessie Stev..ina Greg Stephanie

Andrew Sally Scott..g Breakfast blurry

Andrew hill

Andrew looks tired

Andrew Lounging

Andrew Lounging 2

Andrew Lounging around

Andrew misuses a Beer Cozy

Andrew misuses a Beer Cozy 2

Andrew on the air mattress

Andrew pointing at himself -- good times

Beer makes Scott Happy

Chip and Trina

Chip in his Indy Hat

Chip s Bar Post-Party

Chip s Bushes Are a Mess

Chip s bushes are stilll a mess though

Chip s Chair Leg

Chip s Gold Derby Pin

Chip s Yard is a Mess

Chip s Yard is now clean

Chip s Yard is now clean 2

Crowd Shot

Crowd Shot 1

Crowd Shot 2

Crowd Shot 3

Crowd Shot 4

Crowd Shot 5

Crowd Shot 6

Crowd Shot 7

Crowd Shot 8

Crowd Shot 9

Crowd Shot 10

Crowd Shot 11

Crowd Shot 12

Crowd Shot 13

Crowd Shot 14

Crowd Shot 15

Crowd Shot 16

Crowd Shot 17

Crowd Shot 18

Crowd Shot 19

Crowd Shot 20

Crowd Shot 21

Crowd Shot 22

Crowd Shot 23

Crowd Shot 24

Crowd Shot 25

Crowd Shot 26

Crowd Shot 27

Crowd Shot 28

Crowd Shot 29

Crowd Shot 30

Crowd Shot 31

Crowd Shot 32

Crowd Shot 33

Crowd Shot 34

Crowd Shot 35

Crowd Shot 36

Crowd Shot 37

Crowd Shot 38

Crowd Shot 39

Crowd Shot 40

Crowd Shot 41

Crowd Shot 42

Crowd Shot 43

Crowd Watching Derby

Crowd Watching Derby 2

Don t mess around with the betting windows

Doug and Becky

Doug and the ADD wall

Doug with Becky in his lap blurry

Doves nesting in chip s yard

Doves Nesting in Chip s Yard 2

Expensive Seats

Expensive Seats 2

Greg Crowd

Greg Joe Allison Scott Steve

Greg Pittsburgh people

Greg scantily clad with a toy in his lap

Greg Steph on a tarp

Greg and Steph in Ch..ouse with Goody Bags

Greg and Steph on the floor

Greg and Steph with ..r Mattress all ready

Greg and Stephanie on the Couch

Greg has a problem with his finger

Greg making a sandwi..Jessie making a face

Greg misuses a Beer cozy

Greg misuses a Beer cozy 2

Greg seems bored -- playing solitaire

Greg seems perplexed

Greg taking a little nap


Horses 2

Horses 3

Horses 4

Horses Running past our turn

Horsies in the crowd

Jess Trina Steph Steve Greg chilling

Jessie Andrew Trina sittin around

Jessie Greg Kristi..cott around the bar

Jessie Greg Steph Kristina Scott

Jessie Scott Steve

Jessie Steve Trina eating fries

Jessie Trina Steve tall and eating

Jessie Trina Steve..nd eating adjusted

Jessie Trina Steve..g adjusted - scary

Jessie and Andrew

Jessie and Trina at ..p s Bar Eric in BG

Jessie and Trina rev..essie loos on camera

Jessie does Tiny Tim impersonation

Jessie hanging out

Jessie in her rain prepared jumpsuit

Jessie in PJs

Jessie is blurry in ..ny Tim impersonation

Jessie looks clean

Jessie seems alarmed..eve seems distracted

Jessie showing off her green rainsuit

Jessie Shows off her Geicko Beer Cozy


JumboTron 2

JumboTron 3

JumboTron 4

Kid on shoulders in crowd

Kristina Jess Trin..Steph Greg chilling

Kristina Scott

Kristina Scott Jes.. Trina Steph Greg

Kristina Scott Jes..Trina Steph Greg 2

Kristina and Chip lyin about

Kristina and Chip lyin about 2

Kristina and Scott

Kristina and Scott at the bar

Kristina and Scott looking perplexed

Kristina and Scott a little lie down

Kristina and Steph stylin

Kristina and Trina with the Air Gun

Kristina has wet hair

Kristina in the Derby hat Allison Scott

Kristina in the Infield

Kristina in the Tiny Tim Hat

Kristina lounging around

Kristina seems very tired

Kristina takin a nap under the Indy hat

Kristina wearing her..thon Medal wait

Laura Busse


Military Police 1

Military Police 2

Military Police 3


Next door wrasslin match

Next door wrasslin match 1

Next door wrasslin match 2

Next door wrasslin match 3

Our little niche 1

Our little niche 2

Our little niche 3


Pace horses or something

Packed and ready to leave

Passing Drinks to Scott

Peering through the gates

People watching the horses

Pittsburgh peeps

Pittsburgh people

Pittsburgh people 2

Rock Stars

Scott Greg Kristina

Scott Scott s Steve having fun

Scott Steve hanging out

Scott Steve toolin around

Scott Steve Trina

Scott and a Mint Julep

Scott and Steve are very tall

Scott and Steve are very tall adjusted

Scott and Steve are ..all adjusted scary

Scott looks great in the derby hat

Scott looks scary in the derby hat

Scott lyin down

Scott reading the racing form Trina too

Scott s filling up an Air Mattress

Scott tries a Mint Julep

Scott with Crowd

Steph Crowd

Steph Greg Pittsburgh people

Steph Steve Greg

Steph Steve Sittin down

Steph Steve Sittin down 2

Steph with Greg sticking out his tongue

Steph and Greg Takin..eir own pic at Derby

Steph double-fisting Juleps

Steph Double-Fisting Juleps 2

Steph is happy

Steph is tall in her Derby hat

Steph is tall in her Derby hat 2

Steph is tall in her Derby hat adjusted

Steph is tall in her..t adjusted - scary

Steph lyin about

Steph s jeans have a..and Scott s lounging

Steph seems tired already

Steph taking a little drink

Stephanie and Greg


Steve Scott

Steve Scott Andrew from below

Steve Scott Andrew from below 2

Steve Scott Andrew..rom below adjusted

Steve Scott Andrew..low adjusted scary

Steve Scott Trina ..teph Greg s fingers

Steve has issues with his ID

Steve in the Tiny Ti..ChipMonkey sighting

Steve looks like he s doing construction

Steve looks like he s doing construction 2

Steve playing with that wall is blue

Steve s Indiana Jones impression

Steve with crowd



The Geico Gecko is wearing nipple clamps


Trina Andrew Steve..sie Kristina Scott

Trina Eric Joe Becky around the table

Trina Greg Andrew ..stina Scott waving

Trina Steve Greg ..p doing Jaeger Bombs

Trina Steve with crowd

Trina camping out

Trina in the Derby Hat

Trina in the Derby Hat Allison in bg

Trina in the Indy hat

Trina playing with her camera

Trina taking a crowd picture

Trina taking a picture

Twin Spires

Twin Spires 2

What s with the sign at the derby

Why are these people in a cart

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