albums : chip : 2007 : 20070805 Kory's Birthday


Amy and giggling Katie

Amy and Katie

Amy and Katie 2

Amy and Katie 3

Amy and Katie in pool

Amy and Katie in pool 2

Amy and Katie on raft

Amy and Katie swimming

Amy drizzling Vicki

Amy showering Vicki

Amy tossing water on Chip

Angela presenting Kory with his cake

Autumns New haircolor

Charlie after the gr..lasts him with water

Chip being attacked

Chip being attacked some more

Chip preparing for battle

Chip preparing for battle 2

Cutie Katie

Goofy Karen and Jos

Grandma giving Kory new soccer goals

Grandpa watching Joslyn play piano

Grumpy Autumn

Happy Kory

Jos and Katie in pool

Jos and Katie in pool 2

Jos and Katie in pool 3

Jos and Katie playing piano

Jos and Vicki

Jos and Vicki 2

Jos and Vicki 3

Jos and Vicki 4

Jos and Vicki 5

Jos and Vicki - priceless

Jos ginning Katie getting out of pool

Jos in pool

Jos playing the piano

Jos swimming

Joslyn playing piano

Karen and Jos hiding from the camera

Karen and Jos smiling

Katie playing with ball

Katie playing with remote

Katie swimming

Katie swimming 2

Katie with pursed lips

Kory and his birthday card

Kory and his cake

Kory and his cake 2

Kory and his new soccer ball

Kory and Matara 2

Kory and Matara 3

Kory and Matara checking out his books

Kory and Transformers

Kory being wrapped as his very own gift

Kory blowing out his candle

Kory in bag

Kory in his new gaming chair

Kory Jos Amy and Katie in pool

Kory liking the gift

Kory looking pleased at his gift

Kory loving the new soccer goal

Kory on Raft

Kory on Raft 2

Kory opening gift

Kory opening his new bleach books

Kory opening presents

Kory reading card

Kory reading his bleach books

Kory reading in his new gaming chair

Matara after being expelled from school

Matara and Kory

Matara being expelled from the pool

Matara in pool

Matara laughing in pool

Michael cheesing in the living room

Sad Kory

Smiling Jos and Vicki

Smiling Kory

Smiling Matara

Smiling Matara 2

Vicki worn out from the pool partying

Vicki and Jos Chip in bg

Vicki and Joslyn

Vicki dunking Joslyn

Vicki holding Jos up

Vivki drowning Jos

Vivki holding Jos

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