albums : chip : 2007 : 20070213 New House and some Snow


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Basement 1

Basement Bathtub 1

Basement Bathtub 2

Basement Bathtub 3

Basement Laundry

Basement Stairs

Chip s Car in the Snowy Turnabout

First Floor Bathroom 1

First Floor Bathroom 2

Front Sitting Room

House from the Front Door

Hutch Thingy

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kory s Room 1

Kory s Room 2

Kory s Room 3

Master Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom 2

Master Bedroom Nook

Small Bedroom 1

Small Bedroom 2

Snow Birds 1

Snow Birds 2

Snow Birds 3

Snow Bushes

Snow in our back yard 1

Snow in our Back Yard 2

Snow in Our Back Yard 3

Snow in Our Back Yard 4

Snow in Our Back Yard 5

Snow in Our Back Yard 6

Snow on the Bird Feeder

Snow on the Parking Lot 1

Snow on the Parking Lot 2

Snow Plow Man hit our Window

Snow Squirrel 1

Snow Squirrel and Birds

Squirrel in the Snow Thumbnail

Study 1

Study 2

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