albums : chip : 2005 : 20051124 Thanksgiving



Angela and Raistlin

Angela found Raistlin

Angela Putting Up Christmas Tree 1

Angela Putting Up Christmas Tree 2

Angela Putting Up Christmas Tree 3

Angela Taking Pictures

Anna Close-Up

April Eating



CeCe Anna Erin

CeCe Erin Anna

CeCe and Grace

Celia Joe

Chip Butch

Chip and Raistlin 1

Chip and Raistlin 2

Chip Cooking

Christina at Dutch s Tavern

Christmas Tree

Cranberries Chuck Erin Celia

Dunnaree bad aim

Dunnaree and Grace

Dunnaree close-up 1

Dunnaree close-up 2

Erin Eatin

Erin Getting a Drink

Grace Smiling

Grace with a Crazy Face

Joe Butch Tracy

Joe Butch at the Table

Joe and Chip Cooking

Kory Reese Angela

Kory s Snake Raistlin

People at Dutch s Tavern

Reese Loves Tatie

Tracy Chuck

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