albums : chip : 2005 : 20051118 Wine Drinking at Tim s Place



Angela and Chip

Angela Kissing Chip

Brian and part of Laura close-up

Brian Melanie Chip 1

Brian Melanie Chip 2

Brian Melanie Chip 3

Brian and Melanie

Brian being molested by dog

Brian Drinking Wine

Brian in Loft

Brian Kissing Melanie

Brian with Wine in Hand

Bryan and Ariana

Bryan Playing with Dogs 1

Bryan Playing with Dogs 2

Bryan Playing with Dogs 3

Bryan Playing with Dogs 4


Dogs Playing 1

Dogs Playing 2

Group Shot 1

Group Shot 2

Group Shot 3

Laura Bryan Ariana

Laura and Bryan

Laura close-up 1

Laura close-up 2

Laura close-up 3

Laura Kissing Bryan

Laura Playing with Dogs 1

Laura Playing with Dogs 2

Laura s Boot


Melanie and Doggie

Melanie from above

Melanie Lounging on Brian

Melanie with Camera

Strange way to open a wine bottle

Turtle Wine Glass Charm

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