albums : chip : 2005 : 20051111 Vicki s Birthday April s Wedding


Amber Dancing thm

Amber Posing with L q next to her

Amy Kissing Jeff

Angela and Autumn Taking Pictures

Angela Taking Pictures

Angela Wearing White Kangol

April Feeding James Wedding Cake

Autumn Close-Up

Autumn with Red Eyes..on and Amber dancing


Chuck -- Crazy Face

Dianne and Joslyn with CRAZY Faces

Dianne Holding Joslyn 1

Dianne Holding Joslyn 2 with Happy Faces

Girls Dancing

Girls Dancing the Macarena

Grandpa and Grandma

Hole in Amy s Dress

James and Amy posing with their friends

James and April 1

James and April Cutting Cake 2 thm

James And April Cutting Cake thm

James and April Hugging

Kory Wearing White Kangol

Kory with Angela Hol..lyn with Cell Phone

Mom and Dad Dancing

Mom Taking Pictures

People Watching Cake Cutting

People Watching Cake Cutting 2

Reflection from Bar

Sally Dancing with Dave

Sally Dancing with Dave 2

Sally Dancing with Dave thm

Vicki Holding Joslyn 1

Vicki Holding Joslyn 2

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