albums : chip : 2005 : 20050917 Kentucky Bourbon Festival 001


Ariana Opening Case o Bourbon

Ariana Riding Turkey Barrell 1

Ariana Riding Turkey Barrell 2

Chip s Auction Spoils - Box o Bourbon

Chip s Bourbon Bottles 1

Chip s Bourbon Bottles 2

Chip s Bourbon Bottles 3

Circle Shot - Ariana..gela Chip Jennifer

Laura Angela Brian..Drinking on the Lawn

Laura in Barrell Swing

Laura Riding Turkey Barrell 2

Laura Riding Turkey Barrell blurry

Laura Upside-Down in Barrel Swing

Melanie and Brian Riding Turkey Barrel 1

Melanie and Brian Ri..rkey Barrel 2 kiss

Melanie in Front of Wild Turkey Saloon

Melanie Riding Turkey Barrel 1

Melanie Riding Turkey Barrel 2

Melanie Riding Turkey Barrel 3

Melanie s Louisville..f Wild Turkey Saloon

Vicki Holding Romeo

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