albums : chip : 2005 : 20050723RedRiverGorge


Angela Looking into the Dark Abyss

Angela resting and eating near the creek

Angela Crossing Suspension Bridge 1

Angela Crossing Suspension Bridge 2

Angela Near Waterfall

Angela Near Waterfall 2

Angela on Sky View Natural Bridge

Angela walking on creek rocks

Big no really spider

Big Dragonfly

Black Dragonfly less fuzzy

Blair-Witch Rock hanging over campground

Blair-Witch Rock hanging over campground 2

Chip playing with fire 1

Chip playing with fire 3

Chip Near Waterfall

Chip Under Sky View Natural Bridge

Creek -- Ooh aah

Hey Look -- an Owl

Lizard Chip didn t know it was a movie

Lizard Hanging Out

Lizard on the Tree

Pink Mushroom out of focus

Scary Cave -- oooohhhh

Snake amongst the leaves 1

Snake amongst the leaves 2

Snake amongst the leaves 3

Tent all set up

Waterfall -- slightly visible

What s-this-flower in bloom

What s-this-flower in bloom 2

Yellow Mushroom Close-up

Yet another cave shot

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