albums : chip : 2005 : 20050625 Dan Martin and Michele McClure s Wedding


Angela Michele and Chip

Angela too close to the camera

Cake blurry

Cake Slice

Cake Slice 2

Caroline Dancing with Blake

Children being tossed around 1

Chip too close to the camera again

Chip and Eric

Circle Shot Dan Michele Chip Others

Conga line 1

Conga line 2

Dan and Michele s First Dance 1

Dan and Michele s First Dance 2

Dan and Michele s First Dance 3 close-up

Eric and Robert toss..ome poor girl around

Groomsmen Dancing kinda

Guessing game for Dan 1

Guessing game for Dan 2

Guessing game for Dan 3

Guessing game for Dan 4

Guessing game for Dan 5

Michelle and Dan wi.. Allia q and Jeff

Mother of the Bride .. Bridesmaids fuzzy

Regan and dad dancing Blake in FG

Regan and her Uncle Eric

Regan and someone Dancing with Uncle Eric

Regan dancing with Uncle Eric

Regan upside down on Eric s lap

Stephanie McClure Su..d Table (short name)

Stephanie talking to Megan

Stephanie talking to Megan blurry

Tabletop Centerpiece

Uncle Eric and Dad throwing Regan around

Uncle Eric and one of the twins name

Wedding Cake Before Chopping

Wedding Cake Topper

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