albums : chip : 2005 : 20050421-24 John Barrett and Laura s Wedding


Angela Chip Grant .. Mattingly at Table

Angela and Chip Dressed Up

Angela and Jenny

Angela and Jenny nice face

Angela Looking Festive

Angela Looking That Way

Band During Reception

Band During Reception 2

Band During Reception 3

Barrett Q and Q

Barrett Brothers on Beach

Barretts Waiting for Bridesmaids

Beach Shot

Bicycle with Dog Seat

Bridesmaid and John

Bridesmaid walking down To beach

Bridesmaid walking down to Beach 2

Bridesmaid walking down to beach 3

Bridesmaids and Laura during Ceremony

Bridesmaids and their Father

Charlie and Q Dancing

Charlie Barrett and Q

Charlie Giving Toast

Chip Grant Jonatho..s at Rehersal Dinner

Chip Mattingly Jon..ervention with Laura

Chip and Angela

Chip and Angela with Starfish

Chip and Grant in Beach House

Chip and Grant on Sandbar

Chip Holding StarFish

Chip Holding StarFish Close-Up

Chip Wading

Chris Chip Matting..ant Jon at Rehersal

Chris Grant Jill .. Q Q on Beach Deck

Chris Jenny Grant on Loveseat

Chris Jenny Grant on Loveseat 2

Chris Jenny Jill Angela on Beach

Chris Jon Grant Jenny on Deck

Chris and Jenny Dancing

Chris and Jenny Frolicking on the Beach

Chris and John On Beach

Chris on Couch

Chris Playing with Camcorder

Crowd Watching Fireworks 1

Crowd Watching Fireworks 2

Doc and Ma Barret maybe Dancing

Doc Barrett Giving a Toast

Doc Barrett Looking Festive

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

Grant Jonathon Chi.. Jill Jenny Chris

Grant on Deck with Beach in BG

Groomsmen Watching

Group Shot from Second Floor

Guts walking to the Beach

Inside Cap ns Pocket

Jenny Jill Grant Others Pre-Wedding

Jenny and Wine Bottle Chris in BG

Jenny Applying Flowe..rett Charlie in FG

Jenny in Doorway

Jill and Jenny

Jill and Jenny in Beach House

John Laura Celebrant Full-Height 1

John Laura Celebrant Full-Height 2

John Laura Celebrant Full-Height 3

John and Laura Kissing the Bride 1

John and Laura Kissing the Bride 2

John and Laura Facing Each Other

John and Laura in Chair

John and Laura Meeting on Beach

John and Laura Saying Vows

John and Laura walki..ack towards ceremony

John and Laura walki..k towards ceremony 2

John and Laura Watching Fireworks

John and Laura with Bridesmaid Speaking 1

John and Laura with Bridesmaid Speaking 2

John and Laura with Laura s Mom Speaking

John Putting Ring on Laura s Finger

John Saying Vows Close-Up

John Talking to People at Rehearsal

Jonathon on Couch

Laura Bridesmaid John during Ceremony

Laura Q John and Charlie Barrett

Laura and Chip

Laura and John During Ceremony

Laura and John Getting Married

Laura and John Getting Married Close-Up

Laura and John Leaving the Ceremony

Laura and John Walking towards one another

Laura Looking Up From Huge Table

Laura Opening Quilt 2

Laura Opening Quilt from Above

Laura Putting Ring on John s Finger

Laura s Father Giving Away the Bride

Laura Saying Vows Close-Up

Mattingly Cap n Ch.. during Intervention

Mattingly Jon Jenny others on Beach

Mattingly and Cap n Taking Self Portrait

Mattingly and Laura

Mattingly on Couch

Pelicans 1

Pelicans 2

Pelicans 4

Pelicans 5

Pelicans 6

Pelicans over Water

People Eating at Beach House

People Sitting in Beach House

People Taking Photos

People Walking Down Bride s Walkway

Photographer on Bride s Walkway


Q Chip Charlie John at Table

Q Mattingly Tom at Breakfast

Q Q and Jill on Deck

Q Q Sitting in Bea..House from 2nd Floor

Q and Doc Barrett wi..enny Pinning Flowers

Q and Jonathon Next ..each and Stormclouds

Q and Q during Breakfast

Q and Q Swordfighting at table

Q Singing with Band

Q Singing with Band 2

Q Singing with Band 3

Q Sitting in Chair

Q with Camera

Rainbow over Beach 1

Rainbow over Beach 2

Roommate Shot from Up Above

Roommate Shot from Up Above 2

SandCastle Cake

Seagull on Beach

Signing the Legal Paperwork 1

Signing the Legal Paperwork 2

Signing the Legal Paperwork 3

Someone Cap n maybe s feet

Tom and Q

Tom Barrett Giving Toast

Turtle Cake

Wedding Crowd Assembled

Wedding Crowd Assembled 2

Wedding Crowd Assembled 3

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