albums : chip : 2005 : 20050114 Rick Scheitler s Bachelor Party Las Vegas


Chip Firing Shotgun 1

Chip Firing Shotgun 2

Chip s Target Close-Up After Uzi

Chip Shooting 1

Chip Shooting 2

Chip Shooting 3

Chip Shooting 4

Eric Firing Uzi with Q

Eric Holding Assault Rifle

Eric with Q in BG at Firing Range

Group Shot in Front of Lodge

IMG 1396

Instructor and Eric Firing Assault Rifle

Mike and Q Firing Uzis

Mike Firing Shotgun with Q in FG

Mike Lane at Firing Range

Mike Lane Firing Assault Rifle

Mike Lane Firing Assault Rifle 2

Mike Lane Firing Shotgun 0

Mike Lane Firing Shotgun 1

Mike Lane Firing Shotgun 2

Mike Lane Firing Shotgun 3

Mike Lane Firing Uzi with Smoke

Mike Lane Holding Uz..h Q and Q Sunshine

People and Mike Lane Firing Assault Rifle

People at Firing Line

People Firing Assault Rifles

Q Rick Q Ron Q at Firing Range

Q and Chip Firing Old Pistol

Q Firing Assault Rifle

Q Firing Shotgun

Q Firing Shotgun 1

Q Firing Shotgun 2

Q Firing Shotgun 3

Q Firing Shotgun 5

Q Firing Shotgun 6

Q Firing Shotgun with Q in BG and Q in FG

Rick and others Firing Assault Rifle

Rick and Q firing Assault Rifles

Rick Close-Up with Q in BG

Rick Firing Uzi at Metal Targets

Rick Firing Uzi with Q in FG

Rick Overlooking Desert 1

Rick Overlooking Desert 2

Rick with People Ro..iring Assault Rifles

Rom Rick Q Q at Firing Range

Ron and Eric Firing Uzis

Ron Firing Assault Rifle

Ron Firing Six Shooter

Ron Firing Uzi

Ron with Targets after Assault Rifle

Target After Uziing

Target After Uziing 2

Uzis and Metal Targets

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