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Laura's Camera

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Angela Dancing with Kory with Q in BG

Angela Drinking Bri..a in FG Britt in BG

Angela nd Kory with Q and Heather at Bar

Becky Becky Q Le..Joe Britt in Closet

Becky Q

Becky Q Britt Le..a maybe in Kitchen

Becky Q and Britt

Becky Q and Joe in Kitchen Lexi Part

Becky Q and Lexi at Bar

Becky Q and Lexi a..h Eric and Joe in FG

Becky Q in Beanbag

Becky Q Kissing Britt

Becky Q Smiling Close-Up

Becky and Britt Hiding in Closet

Becky and Chip in Closet with Crazy Flash

Becky and Joe in Beanbag with Katie in BG

Becky and Someone Pouring Drinks

Becky in Kitchen

Becky on Phone

Brian Laura Chip Eric

Brian Laura Eric

Brian Neisja Q in Closet

Brian and Eric Playing Chess

Brian and Katie in Beanbags

Brian Playing with Camcorder

Britt Q and Becky Q in Bathroom

Britt Q and Becky Q in Bathroom 2

Britt and Becky Q

Britt and Becky Q at Bar

Britt and Becky in Bathroom

Britt in BeanBag

Britt Shooting Roman Candle

Champagne Glasses and Bottles on Table

Chip and Joe

Circle Shot Becky Q..ecky Chip Britt Q

Circle Shot Becky Q Chip Britt Q

Circle Shot Joe Bri..sja Katie in Closet

Derby Glasses in Dish Washer

Devon in Bean Bag

Devon in Bean Bag 2

Eric Drinking in BeanBag

Eric Smiling on Barstool

Eric watching Lexi Play Piano

Heather in BeanBag

Joe Katie Mikal

Joe and Mikal with Lexi and Katie in BG

Katie in Beanbag

Kory and Brian Playing Chess

Kory at Computer

Kory Holding Rapier

Kory Playing with the Spongebob Ball

Laura Angela Eric ..n Joe Milling About

Laura and Angela in Tiaras

Laura Blowing a Kiss in Her Tiara

Laura in Doorway

Laura in Her New Yea..d Others in Kitchen

Laura Smiling with a Drink

Laura Sticking her Tongue out

Lexi Becky Q Katie and Q with Balloons

Lexi and Becky Q w..ooting Roman Candles

Lexi and Eric in Beanbags

Lexi in BeanBag

Lexi in BeanBag with..mpagne Glass on Head

Neisja Joe Britt ..xi Eric with Roomba

Neisja Q Heather Ferf Jason on Deck

Neisja and Eric

People Playing Quarters on Kitchen Floor 1

People Playing Quarters on Kitchen Floor 2

Q Lexi Neisja Joe.. Q Britt in Closet

Q and Becky

Q and Q on Deck

Roman Candles

Roman Candles 2

Someone and Heather in Bean Bags

Stephen and Laura

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