albums : chip : 2003 : 20031221 Jingle Bells at Chip s House


Anna Her Boyfriend ..ddie at Jingle Bells

Anna and her Boyfriend name in Bean Bag

Anna drinking out of apperatif glass

Anna Passing out presents

Anna Playing with Lightstick

Anna s Boyfriend na..nbags underexposed

Chip Anna and her ..end name on stools

Chip Anna Her Boyf..Tony group photo 1

Chip Anna Her Boyf..Tony group photo 2

Chip getting Wall Laurie Marcellino

Chip s Ceiling recess for some reason

Chuck Passing out Presents 1

Chuck Passing Out Presents 2

Eddie Marcellino in Bean Bag

Eddie Playing with l..nderexposed blurry

Eddie Playing with Lightstick

Everyone looking THAT way

I think someone threw something Not sure

Joe Chuck Tony Mom Chip at Chip s Bar

Joe doing something mom making face

Joe passing out presents

Joe with lightstick too close to camera

Laurie Tony Anna Mom at Chip s Bar

Laurie Marcellino in Bean Bag

Laurie Passing out Presents 1

Laurie Passing out Presents 2

Laurie Taking a picture of the cameraman

Mom and Chip with Jingle Bells Sign

Mom playing with Parachute Man

MVI 0949

MVI 0950

MVI 0951

MVI 0961

MVI 0962

MVI 0963

MVI 0966

MVI 0972

MVI 0973

Parachute Army man stuck on fan

Penguin amidst the trash

Penguin trash and lots of feet 1

Penguin Trash and lots of feet 2

Sally and Laurie and some mint chocolate

Sally Passing out Presents 1

Sally Passing out presents 2

Sally Passing out Presents 3

Tony Marcellino in Bean Bag

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