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Chip and Someone

Chuck fleeing Sally..ime scene and tree

Chuck and Sally mid-tree-discussion

Chuck and Sally on Couch

Chuck and Sally on Couch Mosaic

Chuck and Sally on Couch Mosaic02

Chuck and Sally on Couch Mosaic03

Fr Gary and ornaments on tree

Fr Gary saying some.. useful next to tree

Fr John Q and Fr Gary

IMG 0877

IMG 0878

IMG 0879

IMG 0880

IMG 0883

IMG 0884

IMG 0885

IMG 0886

IMG 0887

IMG 0888

IMG 0889

IMG 0890

IMG 0891

IMG 0892

IMG 0893

IMG 0894

IMG 0895

IMG 0896

IMG 0897

IMG 0898

IMG 0899

People putting ornam..tree Chuck in Couch

Sally Chuck and someone else with tree

Sally tree you get the picture

Sally and someone something useful

Sally placing ornament on tree

Someone Fr John and someone else

Someone putting ornaments on tree

Three people names ornaments on tree

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