albums : chip : 2003 : 20031006 Moving in to Chip s New House


Amy and Chip on Bed

Autumn with Shelves

Chip Mike Joe Jackie

Chip Mike Joe Jackie Chuck in Kitchen

Chip Mike Joe Jackie Sally in Kitchen

Chip Stephen Piano

Chip Holding Autumn up to Kitchen Rack

Chip in Black and White

Chip Monkey Flying Towards Fan

Chip Monkey in Foyer

Chip Plugging in TV

Chipmonkey Flying Through Bedroom

Chipmonkey in Bathroom

ChipMonkey in HAllway

Chipmonkey in Kitchen

Chipmonkey on Bedroom Floor

Chipmonkey on Bedroom Floor 2

Chuck Sally Jackie Mike in Kitchen

Chuck Sally Jackie Mike in Kitchen 2

Flowers why are there flowers

Jackie Mike and Chip in Bathroom

Jackie and Chip in B..oom Opening Presents

Jackie and Chip Installing Bathroom Rugs

Jackie and Chip Opening Presents

Jackie and Chip with Gift Bath Rugs

Joe with Stephen on ..ulders in Piano Room

Ladder Piano Shelves in Unfinished Room

Michael Next to Chip s Computer

Stephen in front of Piano

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