albums : chip : 2003 : 20030620 Raccoon Weekend


Baby Deer Close-Up

Baby Deer in Fence 1

Baby Deer in Fence 2

Bird Showing Raccoons to Birds

Chip Holding Raccoons

Chip Petting Baby Deer 1

Chip Petting Baby Deer 2

Chip with Raccoon CloseUp 1

Chip with Raccoon CloseUp 2

Chuck Holding Baby Raccoon 1

Chuck Holding Baby Raccoon 2

Chuck with Raccoons on Couch

Geese Walking Around

Joe Holding Raccoon

Joe Petting Baby Deer 1

Joe Petting Baby Deer 2

Joe s Roommate

Joe with Raccoons 1

Joe with Raccoons 2

Joe with Raccoons 3

Joe with Raccoons 4

Joe with Raccoons 5

Lynx maybe in Rescue Habitat

Lynx in Rescue Habitat 2

Lynx in Rescue Habitat 3

Lynx in Rescue Habitat 4

Lynx in Rescue Habitat 5

Raccoon Close-Up 1

Raccoon Close-Up 2

Raccoon Close-Up 3

Raccoon Close-Up 4

Raccoon Close-Up 5

Raccoons 1

Raccoons 2

Raccoons Close-Up

Raccoons Feeding Close-Up

Raccoons on Towel in Kitchen

Raccoons on Towel on Floor

Raccoons Playing on Couch

Raccoons Running Around

Rescue Peacock 1

Rescue Peacock 2

Rescue Peacock 3

Rescue Peacock 4

Rescue Turkeys

Sally Feeding Baby Raccoon

Sally Feeding Baby Raccoon 2

Sally Feeding Baby Raccoon 3

Sally Feeding Raccoon

Sally Holding Raccoon

Sally Playing With Raccoons

Sally Playing With Raccoons 2

Sally s Hand Petting Raccoon

Sally Showing Raccoons to Birds 1

Sally Showing Raccoons to Birds 2

Sally Showing Raccoons to Birds 3

Sarah and Joe Holding Raccoons on Couch 1

Sarah and Joe Holding Raccoons on Couch 2

Sarah Feeding Raccoon Close-Up

Sarah Feeding Raccoons with Joe on Couch

Sarah Holding Raccoon

Wild Bobcat in Rescue Habitat

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