albums : chip : 2003 : 20030528 Chip s Going Away Party from Akron


Anne Brian and Suz.. with Stuffed Prizes

Anne Tiffany Suzan.. at Dave and Busters

Anne Nudo with a Stuffed M and M

Annie Tiffany and T bunny ears

Annie and Chip with..and Spongebob Prizes

Brian Jon Tiffany ..t Dave and Busters 1

Brian Jon Tiffany ..t Dave and Busters 2


Chip Heather Jon at Dave and Busters

Chip and Gavan with ..nge-Bob Paraphanalia

Chip at Dave and Busters

Chip Close-Up

Chip Playing Boxing Game 1

Chip Playing Boxing Game 2

Chip Racing Todd with Brian Watching

Doug and Annie Watching Anne Play Ski-Ball

Gavan Jon Suzanne watching VR Game

Gavan In Driving and Todd Watching

Gavan with Spongebob Ball

Gavin Playing Boxing Game 1

Gavin Playing Boxing Game 2

Heather Annie Others Playing Ski-Ball

Heather Annnie Ann..oanne and Doug in BG

Heather Jon Anne and lots of M and Ms

Heather M and M an..tting At D and B bar

Heather and Tiffany ..sters Eating Dessert

Heather Playing Gavan at Air Hockey

Heather Racing with Gavan in BG

Heather Taking a Photo of Something

Joanne In a Racing G.. at Chuck-E-Cheese s


Jon Playing a Game w..and Heather Watching

Jon Waxing Nostalgic..Dave and Busters Bar

Menu Describing Lethal Weapon Shot

Pretty Shots of Lethal Weapon


Someone and Annie

Suzanne part Chip..n watching something

Suzanne in Electric Chair 1

Suzanne in Electric Chair 2

Suzanne with two Huge Stuffed Wolves


Tek Others

Tek Someone Someone Someone

Tiffany Annie Anne..zanne getting Prizes

Tiffany Playing Whac..t Chuck-E-Cheese s 1

Tiffany Playing Whac..t Chuck-E-Cheese s 2

Todd Tiffant Annie..e watching Gavan Box

Todd Playing Boxing Game

Todd Playing Boxing Game 1

Todd Playing Boxing Game 2

Todd Smiling for the Camera

VR Game with Brian s Reflection

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